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Thinking Outside the Box: Traditional Care homes vs Modular Housing

Thinking Outside the Box.

In today’s world of community care, the service is delivered to reflect the feeling of home, staff and residents becoming close, as the carers become family substitutes. As an outsider looking in, perhaps you see the benefits of a shared lifestyle but there are also disadvantages in such a ‘created’ family.

Upon your arrival to the home, your loved one will be very happy to see you and, within the confines of a residential home environment, you try to make up for lost time.  Private time will happen within the personal room of the resident and it is private, though the locked door will have an override system in place.  During private time, staff are supposed to knock before entering but the very thought of such an interruption spoils that relaxed feeling.

For you, it can be a starchy and difficult time, similar to the feeling one has when visiting someone in hospital. Your loved one will be enjoying the maybe long-awaited visit, though within the constraints of his or her private living space. Your visit might be short or, if you have travelled some distance, it may be infrequent, the cost of hotel accommodation being the unfriendly factor.

MySpace pod and Will Alsop’s timeous concept of pod modular accommodation can be an option that is quick, easy and affordable.  If a residential home was to provide such detached accommodation within its grounds, there could be many all round benefits:-

  • Depending on the type of disability or needs of the residents, a ratio of staff to residents is calculated.  For example, people with severe disabilities may warrant one staff to every three residents. Having a resident visit family (albeit within the home’s grounds) rather than the reverse, allows more quality time for residents still within the residential home.
  • The visiting family member needs little more than sleeping accommodation, a bathroom, a tea point and sitting space. Renting the pod to visiting family members at a price which beats those of nearby accommodation will provide income, making it possible for the pod to pay for itself, within its sixty year expected working life
  • Although the Community Care sector is doing its utmost to move away from an institutionalised environment, the routine of care work and its staffing limits don’t enable its service-users to make individual decisions. A break from the timetable of the permanent home will give the resident a welcome feeling of ‘time out’. Mental and emotional wellbeing will improve, as the individual feels able to make his or her own decisions and do things differently.

Thinking outside the box of regular building constraints, My Space Pod’s design specialists can make anything possible and the completion time of around twenty weeks makes the finished building quickly functional.

In cases of emergency, they are quick to respond, with pods designed to handle the needs of the situation in hand e.g. accommodation for emergency service workers, with necessary and appropriate heating and cooling systems in place.

‘Putting the customer first’ may be an age-old adage but it is this very point on which My Space Pod bases its success.

More information and contact details can be found on this website:

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