Fast-Track Solutions with Emergency Modular Building Systems

When a disaster occurs, specialists of all kinds are needed to tackle the dangerous situation.  Where human life is affected, there will be doctors, nurses, fire fighters, counsellors and manual labourers, all needing immediate accommodation. It is therefore vital that suitable living quarters are identified and, in a disaster area, this could prove extremely difficult. Then the only solution is temporary accommodation, hopefully close to the area in need.  However, not all temporary accommodation buildings will be suitable, as a lot will depend on the disaster itself (fire, avalanche), the temperature of the disaster zone and the availability of clear space to house temporary buildings.

Sustainability is a must and one of the most interesting modular building systems is made from recycled shipping containers, ideal for use in extreme conditions. Made of steel, these waterproof containers can be fitted with all services, to provide clean and safe pre-fabricated accommodation for the many rescue workers needed on the scene.

The London-based company My Space Pod specialises in fast-track building solutions and its team of experts has approached this disaster need from all angles. Quick solutions are key issues in preventing disease and getting to grips with the rescue operation.

The reconstituted shipping containers are virtually new and may have been used only once to carry dry goods. My Space Pod’s team of engineers (Buro Happold) have devised structural supports and stability systems that make it possible to stack the modular units, making additional accommodation available. Where suitable clear ground may be at a premium, stackable modular building systems will be paramount.

They guarantee sustainable accommodation which can endure adverse conditions and can be virtually parachuted onto the site, within a short timeframe. Insulation and air-conditioning are absolute musts, to protect against temperature extremes.  To this end, My Space Pod uses the latest space-age insulation technology, which pays particular attention to thermal performance. The insulation drowns out noise levels of up to 47 decibels and the internal lining meets the sixty minute fire rating standard.  These low-cost buildings are ‘plug and play’, connecting to local water and electricity or emergency generators and water supplies, thus providing instant services.

Of course, the rescue workers are not the only people who need to be cared for. We quite often hear of a disaster where there are fatalities, injured and missing persons. The need now is on temporary hospital accommodation, which will cover operating rooms and dormitories, for the sick and injured.  There will also have to be a temporary mortuary and even storage for life-saving drugs, dressings and medical equipment.  As with the rescue workers’ accommodation pods, these innovative modular building systems will need to be waterproof, burglar proof, insulated and also temperature-controlled.

In a disaster situation, the list of support is endless.  The diversity of possible unique container buildings constructed by My Space Pod is endless, too.

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