Modular Building Systems for Us All

Location is not important for all businesses, though for some, it can be the deciding factor between success and failure.  For hotels, boarding houses and bed and breakfast establishments, location is the first point for consideration and planning for possible future trends is just as important as looking at the current state of play.

Imagine taking on a small hotel in a popular terrace in a city centre.  Business will thrive and, at weekends, the proprietor might have to turn people away, as all rooms are booked.  Of course, that same proprietor could go hunting for a second hotel in another location, as extending the current property would be totally out of the question. Two lots of bills, two lots of staff and all of the other things to double up on could be prohibitive, making that original location not so perfect after all.

Modular Building Systems are the Future.

Thankfully, today’s world has moved on from bricks and mortar, with a steady and positive trend towards modular buildings and green construction.  Getting the location right for a new build, with ample land to cater for a future extension, is now a more sensible decision than the cosy terraced building.

A popular shell for these modular constructions is the recycled shipping container, a robust item which allows for extending your original modular building when the time is right.  Containers can interlock and make a sturdy building which can be on one floor or boast several storeys, allowing the forward-thinking property owner to design the perfect building for holidays, business trips, conferences, weddings and whatever new get-togethers the future may hold.

The Modular Trend.

Shipping containers can be used to construct the smallest of places (student and single person accommodation) to the largest (hotels) and the money saved on the actual build can be used to make the individual rooms just that little more spectacular.  If you step outside the box of the traditional build, your modular building can be adventurous, exuding personality and individual taste.  (

As for big business, the hotel group Travelodge have already caught onto this eco-friendly concept and a hotel in Uxbridge is already up and running.  Sporting around one hundred and twenty steel rooms, construction took only four months, creating huge savings on time and cost.  The company’s future plans include more of these green buildings, an indication of their trust in the suitability and sustainability of modern construction methods ( ).

If a chain of hotels can take advantage of such eco-friendly methods, so can the small business. As they say, big trees out of little acorns grow and adding to your modular building when the time is right makes sense, doesn’t it?

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